Waveguide Calibration Standards

Maury offers precision coaxial and waveguide metrology components and standards kits for calibrating vector network analyzers.

All standard connector types are represented and some components are available with EIA rigid line connectors.

Waveguide Precision Fixed Terminations

Waveguide Precision Fixed Terminations

Waveguide Fixed Flush Short Circuits


Waveguide Fixed Offset Short Circuits

Waveguide Offset Short Circuits

Waveguide Precision Straight Sections

Waveguide Precision Straight Sections

Maury Precision法兰(MPF)

Precision Indexing Holes with Slip-fit Alignment Pins Ensure Precise Mating
Threaded Alignment Pins and 4-Hole Pattern Allow for Mating to Standard UG Flanges
Raised Outer Ring Prevents Mating Surfaces from Cocking

Maury MPF flanges were developed to provide precise mating of flanges when repeated connections are required or where the customer requires the best waveguide alignment in his system.

一些MPF系列法兰还允许交配到多种类型的法兰接口,当您面对与频段内不同类型的法兰配合的要求时,该界面为用户提供了多功能性和经济性。请参阅Maury Precision法兰“ MPF”图中的“配偶”列以查看可能的组合。(要获取完整的技术描述,请按数据表列中显示的编号请求数据表。)

The Maury MPF flanges are not provided on all waveguide components, however, they are provided on components used in calibration kits or low VSWR components such as waveguide to coax adapters with VSWR of 1.10 or better.

WR22中的Maury MPF法兰和较小的波导(毫米波尺寸)可在法兰连接一致性,可重复性和对标准UG法兰的可用性方面显着改善,同时仍保持与这些旧设计的交配兼容性(请参见数据表5E-030)。与较大的波导尺寸一样,这些法兰使用了使用滑动拟合对准引脚的两个精度指数孔。当需要与标准UG法兰交配时,也可以将螺纹引脚安装在标准的四针图案中。由于螺纹销和对齐销都可以移动,因此法兰面可用于维修。这些法兰还具有凸起的外环,由于施加不均匀的扭矩,可防止交配表面翘起。

With the exception of MPF90-1/2B and MPF475, all Maury MPF flanges are supplied with precision index holes. We can also provide alignment pins which are a slip fit for the index holes. These pins, which are provided with all Maury waveguide calibration kits for network analyzers, insure precise alignment and repeatable conditions for waveguide connections. Alignment pins are available separately. For more detailed information, please request data sheet 3A-996.

Flange Detail Drawings, WR112 to WR34
Flange Detail Drawings for WR28 to WR8
Maury Precision Flanges Datasheet

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